Published Monthly (8-16 pages per part)
A six-part publication detailing all US imports and exports of all tobacco leaf, products, and sundries. The Tobacco Trade Barometer breaks down the data by product and country providing quantities and dollar values on a monthly and cumulative basis comparing current data to the previous year.

Part 1: Balance of Trade Summary
All imports & exports by product comparing the industry with the overall U.S. merchandise trade position.

Part 2: Exports of Leaf Tobacco
US exports by leaf type and destination country.

Part 3: Exports of Tobacco Products
US exports by product and destination country.

Part 4: Imports of Leaf Tobacco
US imports by leaf type and country of origin.

Part 5: Imports of Tobacco Products
US imports by product and country of origin.

Part 6: Imports of Smokers’ Accessories
US imports by product and country of origin.