About Us

TMA was founded in 1915 to manage information of vital interest to interested organizations, companies, regulators and others who need information on the worldwide tobacco and vapor industries. Users of TMA information come from companies in most sectors of the industry including suppliers and allied industries such as the financial, advertising, laboratory, CRO and consulting communities. Today, the TMA continues to function as a trade association and remains dedicated to supplying factual information to a variety of universities and other research groups, organizations, companies, associations, and others whose revenues, whether from sales, grants or other sources depend upon timely, comprehensive and accurate data about the global tobacco and vapor industries.

Mission Statement

To be the leading provider of accurate, comprehensive, and objective information on the global tobacco and vapor industries for all of TMA's users, delivered in a timely, innovative and cost-effective manner as well as a provider of forums for education and dialogue on issues of interest and concern to public health, government, and industries.

Vision Statement

To be widely recognized as the # 1 source for global tobacco and vapor information

Value Statement

We are committed:

   1. To applying the highest ethical standards in our work and behavior  

   2. To performing with the highest integrity and professionalism

   3. To being completely objective, unbiased and impartial

   4. To being the "go-to source" for information on the global tobacco and vapor industries

   5. To providing information which is tailored to user needs and delivered on a timely basis using the best available cutting edge technologies


   1. Be the premier source of information on the global tobacco and vapor industries 

   2. Add value for our members, contributors, and other interested parties

   3. Maintain financial stability and address risks

   4. Provide membership opportunities to all industry sectors and elect a board which is representative of the membership

   5. Continue to expand the internalization of TMA

   6. Explore opportunities to partner with other relevant organizations globally



At tma.org, a secure members-only site, members have a complete window on the entire world of tobacco and e-vapor information. This includes both the information structured and updated by TMA itself, as well as information published by other groups such as government organizations, non-governmental organizations, anti-tobacco groups, universities, corporations, among others. Tma.org is a dynamic site, one that contains constantly updated information including a Headline Ticker of real-time news and a Stock Ticker of tobacco stock quotes from US stock exchanges. TMA's publications can be downloaded electronically as they are prepared by TMA staff, thereby delivering the information as it happens.

TMA's other programs such as TMA Daily News, US Federal & State legislation and regulations as introduced, passed and enacted, and the full-text of key press conferences can be downloaded easily. TMA databases offered through the Platinum Program can be searched on-line.

Using TMA's filtering tools, users are able to build their own customized reports from the wealth of TMA information. Imagine designing your own TMA reports from our textual files and tables of data for delivery in the form you want, when you want it!

In short, the tma.org  site has been designed to be the tobacco & vapor industry's' best means to easily and rapidly access and download information no matter where it might be located.


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