By joining TMA, your company enjoys the following:

Business Intelligence -- Unlike many news-oriented information providers, TMA covers the industry with analysts who have tobacco and evapor expertise and who focus on specific industry products, sectors, and issues. Tobacco and e-vapor are the only industries TMA studies. TMA delivers twice-daily, event-driven email alerts, and daily, weekly and monthly e-mail reports, plus other daily publications, nearly four a day in all. TMA’s content managed web site, TMA.ORG, is updated 24-hours a day. As a non-profit, TMA's financial gains are reinvested for the benefit of TMA members. TMA is the tobacco and e-vapor industrys' state-of-the-art information portal.

Core Benefits -- Key services provided as part of the basic annual TMA membership.

Optional Data Products -- Key information offerings that may be purchased at TMA member discounted prices.

TMA Membership Application -- Dues are determined by type of business. Download a copy of the membership application. Send the completed and signed application to TMA