Our economic section features data and analysis on trade, production & consumption, market shares, pricing, and taxes. Publications are free to members and feature monthly or quarterly market data on the U.S., China, and Japan. Queries and Guides are available to platinum members or may be purchased separately.  Query results may be downloaded as a spreadsheet.

  • US Tobacco and Vapor Tax Guide

    An in-depth description of tax policy on tobacco & vapor products at the US and State levels covering all 50 States and Local taxing authorities. This guide is comprised of three types of files:

  • 1. State comparative data sets that cover tax policy subjects including rates, minors policy, discounts, and time requirements 

  • 2. The 50 States, 4 Localities, and the United States that cover tax policy 

  • 3. Nine maps detailing tobacco & vapor product excise taxes.

  • The TVTG is updated through July 1, 2024.  Recent updates and changes to files may be viewed by typing the word Transmittal into the Keyword in Title field.


  • Tobacco & Vapor USA

    An in-depth business, economic, and regulatory description of the tobacco and vapor industries in the US market. Tobacco & Vapor USA has several distinct files:

  • 1. National files which detail specific subjects such as cigarettes, leaf, and tariffs and taxes

  • 2. State comparative data sets that cover leaf statistics, cigarette sales, tax revenues and public policy

  • 3. The 50 States and DC that cover leaf statistics, cigarette sales, and tax revenues 

  • 4. A query database containing state public policy summaries 

  • 5. Data tables in XLS file format by subject  

  • 6. The Government Surveys section contains the statistical results from the following national surveys: National Health Interview Survey; Behavioral Risk Factor Surveillance System; Youth Risk Behavior Surveillance System; and Monitoring the Future.

  • Tobacco & Vapor USA is updated through July 1, 2024.  To view the most recent updates to files, type the word Transmittal in the Keyword in Title field.


  • FDA Regulation

    An all-in-one guide for TMA members to track what is or has happened within the FDA's Center for Tobacco Products, including:

  • 1. Guidances, notices, and submissions

  • 2. TPSAC and subcommittee meetings

  • 3. Lawsuits against FDA 

  • 4. Enforcement information


  • Tobacco China

    An in-depth business, economic, and regulatory description of the tobacco industry in China at the National, Provincial, and Factory levels. Tobacco China is divided into 3 sections: (1) a set of national tables which list by key variables such as leaf statistics, tobacco product statistics, macroeconomic and microeconomic statistics, economic policy (tariffs and taxes) and public policy; (2) a set of provincial tables and 17 individual provincial files which list by key variables such as leaf statistics and tobacco product statistics; and (3) a set of manufacture tables which list by key variables such as tobacco product statistics and microeconomic statistics.  Tobacco China is updated through June 1, 2024.


  • World Cigarette Guide

    Compiles all of the economic data concerning the cigarette market for 91 countries around the world. For each country file, the WCG will include cigarette production, consumption, and trade figures for the past 10 year period, cigarette sales by type (if available), company market share data, cigarette brand price data and cigarette brand sales/market share data. There is also a country-comparative report. The World Cigarette Guide is updated with 2023 data through June 1, 2024.


  • EU Tobacco Products Directive

    An overview of the European Union's Tobacco Product Directive, including decisions, litigation, implementation progress, and more.  Included with membership


  • Framework Convention on Tobacco Control

    A guide containing meeting details, implementation progress, adopted texts, decisions, and more for the World Health Organization treaty.  Included with membership


  • Global Vapor Regulation

    A snapshot of global vapor regulation, including standards and implementations is part of TMA membership


  • International Tobacco Tax Guide

    Contains the tobacco business information needed to assist in having products legally enter a particular market including a detailed account of country-by-country tariff and tax rates for the tobacco sector for 185 countries and 1 region (the European Union).