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Secure your branding, keep track of what is out there by subscribing to the weekly and monthly trademark activity reports. Explore our extensive catalogue of US trademarks (1865 - present) or query the cigarette brand price and market share database to get the full picture.

  • Monthly US Trademark Activity


    Tracks all trademarks published for opposition, registered, renewed, or canceled, including designs or images, for tobacco/vapor products and accessories


  • Weekly US Trademark Report


    All new tobacco and vapor trademarks, including designs or images, published for opposition in the past week


  • US Cigarette & Vapor Brand Directory

    A comprehensive listing of all cigarette and vapor brands that have been manufactured and marketed in the United States since 1864.  Brand names used in test markets are also included in the listing along with FTC 'tar' and nicotine measurements by brand. The US Cigarette and Vapor Brand Directory was last updated on July 1, 2024 (current through June 30, 2024).