MyTMA Alerts

TMA's search engine provides users with the ability to save a search and receive email updates when new content is added to the site that would appear in the results for that query.  We call them "MyTMA Alerts".  To get started with this feature, simply execute a basic query, in this case, we use "deeming regulations":

Basic Query


When the results appear, use the filters on the lefthand side of the screen to narrow down your results:

Search Facets

In this case, we'll select "News" items about "Cigars":

News about cigars

Now that we have exactly the query that we're looking for (news items about cigars containing the term "deeming regulations"), we can save the search to receive alerts.  To do this, use the box below the search filters on the lower left-hand side, labeled "MyTMA Alert".  If you want, select a name and an interval for receiving your Alert: 

Save your search

That's it!   To manage alerts that you've already created, visit your profile page by clicking here or using the "My Account" button on the far right of the main menu (if you see "Login" instead of "My Account", you'll need to log in first).  From there, click the "Saved Searches" tab along the top:

My Account

As always, feel free to contact us via our online form. by email at, or by phone at (609) 275-4900 if you're having any difficulties.