TMA's MSA Compliance Database and related Reports offer users accurate and up-to-the-minute information regarding the compliance status of all cigarette and roll-your-own product brands, for both participating and non-participating manufacturers, for all US states that participate in the Master Settlement Agreement. This one-stop resource enables anyone who relies on current and precise MSA compliance data to quickly and confidently tap into a single, easy-to-use tool without having to consult multiple sources or search through what may be outdated information.

The MSA Compliance Database is a section of TMA's MSA Guide.

Information contained in these reports is validated each business day by TMA, using a variety of sources including, but not limited to:

For a complete list of all the individual state web sites from which much of this data is collected and updated, click here:
Directories of Compliant Tobacco Product Manufacturers by State

For the sake of clarity, TMA's MSA Compliance Reports will indicate the date of the most recent compliance report posted by each individual state. In addition, the Reports will display the date on which TMA last cross-checked and validated this information (usually the most recently concluded day, whether a business day or not, in the US).

Disclaimer: TMA began its brand tracking for all Participating Manufacturers (OPMs and SPMs) in December 2007 after the States began separately certifying them in 2007. Prior to this NAAG had provided the list of compliant PMs since the MSA was created. TMA began its brand and company compliance tracking for all NPM manufacturers in September 2004. Thus, PM brands that had been compliant prior to December 2007 are not shown in these listings even though they were compliant. This system does not contain any brand tracking histories before December 2007 for PM's or before September 2004 for NPM's.


Brand Compliance Reports

Company Reports



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