• Daily Executive Summary
    Twice Daily Published Monday-Thursday 
    Key events in the industry delivered daily in a concise one-page format. One two-page daily is also possible.
    [Morning Edition]  [Afternoon Edition]


  • US Tobacco Weekly
    Published Weekly 
    The US Tobacco Weekly is a detailed compilation of all key industry issues and events as they unfold across the United States.  Topics covered in the US Tobacco Weekly include agriculture, brands & trademarks, consumption & smoking restrictions, economics & finance, international trade, manufacturing, marketing, packaging & labeling, product content, product liability, distribution, society & politics, taxation and tobacco harm reduction.  Issues at Federal, State and local levels are covered.  The US Tobacco Weekly is usually released on Thursdays.  


  • Executive Summary
    Published Weekly 
    The Executive Summary is a high level summary of the principal industry developments occurring over the past week around the world.  It serves as an index to other TMA publications issued that week. TMA's Executive Summary is the most widely read weekly newsletter in the worldwide tobacco industry.  It is released on Fridays or on the last business day of a given week.


  • World Alert
    Published Weekly 
    The World Alert is a country-by-country compilation of key industry issues and events as they emerge outside the United States written in a detailed fashion.  Topics covered in the World Alert are similar to those in the US Tobacco Weekly.  The World Alert abstracts are organized by regions of Europe, Asia, Oceania, Middle East & Africa and Western Hemisphere.  Every few weeks the World Alert also provides a table of recently proposed laws and regulations, organized by country.  The World Alert is usually released on Wednesdays.