• Daily Legislative Tracking
    Published Daily 
    Tracks all US Congressional and State legislative and regulatory activity that affects the tobacco industry at the Federal and State government levels. No local ordinances are tracked.


  • Legislative Bulletin
    Published Weekly 
  • Analyzes and reports on all US Congressional and State legislative activity that affects all sectors of the tobacco industry. The Legislative Bulletin summarizes key provisions of these bills, provides bill actions and tracks bill progress through the legislative process. Links to the full-text are provided through TMA's public policy tracking program accessible on the web site under Web Links. A separate page tracks key local developments as these are reported through TMA's news program.




  • FDA Alert
    Published as regulations, draft guidances, announcements, notices and other related content makes publication necessary.  
    Uniquely focused on delivering summaries and full-text of all FDA activity related to the tobacco and e-vapor industry.